We, PATSONS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION are an international contract manufacturing, trading, out-sourcing and off-shoring company who look after complete end to end supply chain solutions for our customers globally.

We are based in India with domestic offices in Mumbai, Pune & Chennai and overseas offices in Indonesia, China and USA.

Our organizational structure is divided in two main vertical domains, as below:

Global Trading, Out-Sourcing & Distribution (imports & exports of virgin & recycled polyethylene & polypropylene granules, branded cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, spirits & beers, fuels like LNG & LPG and crude oil, food stuff & confectionery products, vegetable & edible oils, furniture & home interior products, pharmaceutical products, gift items & stationery, plastic wares, stainless steel wares, commodities like sugar, rice, coal, metal scrap, raw cashew and several other FMCG products)


Manufacturing & Exports (manufacturing & exports of fashion clothing for men & women, leather products, imitation jewellery & footwear)

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Whatever the product may be, our customers rely on us to do the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the product requirement, zoom in to the right source, negotiate and close the deal, procurement of the raw materials and merchandising, follow up on the production process, pre-shipment quality inspections until the actual shipment is executed.

We are proud to have a great team of professionals, each an expert in his own field of specialization  with a great sense of imminent trends in the global markets. We at
PATSONS are well equipped to provide the finest services to customers across the globe.

As a global supply chain manager, we are committed to achieving the highest standards of service and meeting the needs of international businesses through competitive pricing, quality, and reliable delivery. By leveraging our global vendor & manufacturing networks, market knowledge, and advanced technology and information systems,
PATSONS has the capacity and flexibility to respond rapidly to evolving consumer trends. We are committed to our customers and furnish our customers with any and every product that they are looking for, to meet their business and market demands. For us, customers trust is of utmost importance. We work in unison with our customers, seeking their valuable feedback at every step, to be able to serve better. In the fast-changing business environment, we combine our talent and skills with our comprehension of your business to give you the most excellent results you deserve.

Experience, professionalism and integrity have earned
PATSONS its reputation as one of the most reliable and trusted sourcing, manufacturing & trading company. Through a growing network of domestic & overseas offices and vendors, the Company strives to find quality-conscious, cost-effective manufacturers to match the production needs of our valued customers around the world.